Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Worm.

So I have been way slack-a-lacking on the whole Blog thing. BUT my spirits have been re-vamped and I am giving myself another shot at it!! Here goes nothin!
As of late I have been a complete kermit, couch loving, book worm!! NO Joke, or kid. It has been intense. I hardly ever get sucked into the book world unless the story is absolutely, 100% amazing. And well, the Hunger Games series my friends is just that. I read all three books in like two weeks....okay thats not exactly earth shattering, but it is beyond buzz lightyear for me. :) I loved it!!! I do have to say that when I get into a good book, it's like a drug that I can't quite stop taking hits from. It literally takes over my world, and I almost feel connected with the characters. Its the kind of connection you would actually wait in line for just so you could meet them...haha So Cheeeezy. I know. But lets just remember how awesome it is that I just read three books. ;p After I finished the last chapter today I must admit that I was very well.... sad that it was over. I wish that someone would invent a never ending book. I mean they already have it for televison, SOAP OPERAS. haha But the book version would of course be nothing like S.O.'s and would be totally captivating that all you would want to do was read and read and read your life away. Sounds like a perfect world to me.
Anyways, I am hoping someone can refer another amazing novel to me.. Hint hint. haha
Thanks for listening to my book-rant.